Nets and pom-poms beach combo for a tenner!

14thHow’s your weekend been?  I’ve had another corker!

This week, I’ve made trifles using my trusty Waitrose recipe card, succeeded with the beach combo from nets and pom-poms and found time to hang out at my favourite retreat, The Creative Sanctuary!

First up, trifle!  What better way to celebrate the recent sunshine – okay, so it went downhill at the weekend – than a delightful Melba trifle in a vintage teacup.  This is a super quick, but super impressive recipes that everyone seems to like.  It’s one of those brilliant Waitrose recipe cards that I’ve held on to for a couple of years now – so it’s a bit battered!  You can get the recipe from here.  Over the years, I’ve adapted and experimented with this recipe.  I tend to use tinned peaches rather than fresh and popping candy rather than chopped pistachios.  I also prefer to use a lemon dessert wine rather than sherry to soak the peaches and raspberries – delish!  This recipe also worked well as a gluten-free version, I just used my own gluten-free sponge.  As for the teacup, I just love them!

I know, I promised you news of the net curtain & pom-pom kaftan.  The good news is that I can confirm it is possible to make a kaftan/cardi/kimono thing PLUS shorts from just one net curtain, 4 metres of pom-poms and a necklace…and that the two items cost the grand sum of £10 to make!  I completed this project in short bursts but in total it probably took me about a day to draft the patterns and construct both items.  I’d say that’s worth it as the equivalent shop-bought items would have cost £60+ in the shops.  Now, the show-off in me is desperate to show you the result but I actually made these items for my daughter who swiftly scooped them off my sewing machine and selfishly went off to 14th1Greece with them!  It turns out she’s an even bigger show-off than me and wants to model them once she’s got a tan!  So, watch this space – photos to follow soon I hope!  I absolutely love all this make-do-and-mending and it reminded me of another little gem I found in the Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro charity shop in Leeds.  It’s this super little book, reproduced from a 1941 original.  With chapters entitled A Comfortable Nightdress for Baby and A Jumper for Formal Occasions, one can hardly resist the intrigue!  Here is an extract from Ideas for Hats:

Very high crowns on tall, thin women look ridiculous…Short plump women should never wear large brims.  They look like mushrooms in them…

Ahh, that’s that settled then.

cp1017-peony-cover-med-b34150e9e265b726a17b6210963e67d5Finally, what a fantastic day I had yesterday.  I spent the day in The Creative Sanctuary helping 7 lovely ladies embark on a sewing journey as they joined a 3-day course to make a Colette Peony dress.  It’s so wonderful to meet fantastic, creative women who are keen to learn a new skill or further their sewing skills.  I can’t wait to see how they progress over the next couple of weeks and see them leave the class in their beautiful handmade dresses.  If you are wondering about joining a class, my advice would be DO IT!  You won’t regret it.  I’ve yet to find a class anywhere that isn’t welcoming and friendly.  If you are in my neck of the woods, you can see what workshops and classes The Creative Sanctuary are offering here.

That’s all from me today but I have to say a quick “thank you” for all the Battenberg comments from my last blog post.  Wow, there’s certainly a marzipan divide but I’d say there was definitely more marzipan love than hate!

About Dawn Phillips

Have you ever just woken up and felt the need to make something? A burning desire to be creative? Well I get that feeling frequently and recently I've been embracing it ... and BOOM, it feels good! Over the last couple of years, I've been learning to sew and have become increasingly curious about dressmaking and pattern cutting. What strikes me is how generous people are with their knowledge and experience. I'm still very much a novice, but happy to share what I've learnt (and continue to learn) on this blog. Now, when I'm sewing, I like to reward myself. Not just at the end of the project, but at certain milestones. Perhaps when I get the second sleeve in or decide that the zip I've inserted doesn't look too shabby. Sometimes the treat will be in the form of a much-needed loo break or a change of playlist, but more often than not, it's a snack! Yep, you've guessed it Columbo, snacking is big business in my day. I'll be sharing my sewing and snacking news on here a few times a week and will chuck in the odd tutorial for good measure. Please join in with your own news and successes so that we can create a fabulous sewing and snacking community!
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  1. Lucky daughter! Can’t wait to see it.

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