Sports day and sun hats

sat3I’ve been lying low recently doing something a bit different!  I’ve been taking an online sewing course with Tilly and the Buttons, learning how to sew jersey tops! What a great experience.  As with Tilly’s blog posts and printed patterns, the workshop is completely accessible and well-supported by videos where Tilly demonstrates some of the trickier parts of the construction process.  I found it a really useful way to follow a pattern.  By signing up to the course (which includes a digital pattern) I also qualified for a discount off the printed pattern, which I’m so pleased I purchased as I can tell I’m going to make loads of these tops.sat5

So what is the pattern?  I’m glad you asked, it’s the new Agnes top, a lovely little jersey number with ruching!  I love sleeves and I love ruching, so this is like Christmas for me!  I opted for the shorter, ruched sleeve version with round neck, like the one on the left of this picture.

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I had the perfect fabric in my stash.  A striped jersey that I picked up in a sale at Cloth House for just £1 per metre.  I love the colours in this fabric as it reminds me of Neapolitan ice-cream and fabulously sunny days.  Fortunately, I finished it just in time to wear it on a splendidly hot day – Kiera’s Sports Day.  I’d just come sat4back from watching her races in these photos, so excuse the slightly hot and bothered modelling!  Here she is tearing around a field looking absolutely fine while I almost pass out on the stairs having sat and watched!

The cost – I probably used about 1 1/2 metres and needed a bit of elastic too, so in terms of materials I probably only paid out around £2.50 to make this top.  I think after discount the pattern cost me around a tenner, but I’m planning to get plenty more tops out of the pattern.

sat2I would recommend this pattern for all abilities.  The tips in the online course and pattern instructions really do work and I was pleased to find it wasn’t so difficult to work with stretchy jersey after all.  I was pretty pleased with my pattern matching when joining front to back, allowing me to become one giant slab of Neopolitan ice cream – just need a couple of wafers now!  I also felt a bit smug at managing to creative a solid pink neckband from one of the stripes.

My sewing machine isn’t as fancy as Tilly’s, so I couldn’t get quite the recommended length stitch for my zigzagging.  I don’t think this matters, my top probably isn’t quite as neat as a result, but I think this hardly notices really.  My hemlines are definitely a bit wobbly but I’m happy enough with it.

Anyone else wearing or sewing food-inspired clothing?

I must dash as it’s all happening over at The Creative Sanctuary today.  It’s day 3 of 3 for the beginner’s dressmaking class.  Today 7 ladies will be waltzing out of the shop in their beautifully handmade dresses armed with all they need in order to go forth and sew with confidence.  Love it!  Better go and stick the kettle on for them, it’s going to be a big day…involving zips!

About Dawn Phillips

Have you ever just woken up and felt the need to make something? A burning desire to be creative? Well I get that feeling frequently and recently I've been embracing it ... and BOOM, it feels good! Over the last couple of years, I've been learning to sew and have become increasingly curious about dressmaking and pattern cutting. What strikes me is how generous people are with their knowledge and experience. I'm still very much a novice, but happy to share what I've learnt (and continue to learn) on this blog. Now, when I'm sewing, I like to reward myself. Not just at the end of the project, but at certain milestones. Perhaps when I get the second sleeve in or decide that the zip I've inserted doesn't look too shabby. Sometimes the treat will be in the form of a much-needed loo break or a change of playlist, but more often than not, it's a snack! Yep, you've guessed it Columbo, snacking is big business in my day. I'll be sharing my sewing and snacking news on here a few times a week and will chuck in the odd tutorial for good measure. Please join in with your own news and successes so that we can create a fabulous sewing and snacking community!
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6 Responses to Sports day and sun hats

  1. Beth says:

    It does look like Neapolitan ice cream – with a bit of mint thrown in for good measure… mmm wonder if it tastes as good as it looks! I was wondering whether or not to take that jersey course, curious to know if there’s any info in there I don’t know… Your top looks fab so it must be pretty good!

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    • I know what you mean Beth. I did find a few things out that I’d have had no idea about and this top came out much better than I think it would have if I’d worked straight from the pattern, but I’ve not used jersey with this amount of stretch before. I found having the videos really reassuring as I worked through the pattern and Tilly links to previous posts for certain techniques, so there is ample help online. For me it was worthwhile x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise says:

    And what a fun day we had Dawn. So chuffed with my fab dress. Thanks for all the help xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. springystitches says:

    Love this! I didn’t know that there was an online course for this top. I’ll have to look into this as jersey still scares me!

    Liked by 1 person

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