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Have you ever just woken up and felt the need to make something? A burning desire to be creative? Well I get that feeling frequently and recently I've been embracing it ... and BOOM, it feels good! Over the last couple of years, I've been learning to sew and have become increasingly curious about dressmaking and pattern cutting. What strikes me is how generous people are with their knowledge and experience. I'm still very much a novice, but happy to share what I've learnt (and continue to learn) on this blog. Now, when I'm sewing, I like to reward myself. Not just at the end of the project, but at certain milestones. Perhaps when I get the second sleeve in or decide that the zip I've inserted doesn't look too shabby. Sometimes the treat will be in the form of a much-needed loo break or a change of playlist, but more often than not, it's a snack! Yep, you've guessed it Columbo, snacking is big business in my day. I'll be sharing my sewing and snacking news on here a few times a week and will chuck in the odd tutorial for good measure. Please join in with your own news and successes so that we can create a fabulous sewing and snacking community!

Flamingo: The new power print

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So, armed with my new flamingo power, I’m ready to take on the heat in my lovely cool Megan dress. Continue reading

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Sports day and sun hats

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I was pretty pleased with my pattern matching when joining front to back, allowing me to become one giant slab of Neopolitan ice cream – just need a couple of wafers now! Continue reading

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Mini midweeker – well, you want to see the beachwear, right?

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I’m about to combine both of my hobbies and make a top from fabric that looks like Neapolitan ice-cream! Continue reading

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Nets and pom-poms beach combo for a tenner!

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Very high crowns on tall, thin women look ridiculous…Short plump women should never wear large brims. They look like mushrooms in them… Continue reading

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More Margots and marzipan – love it or hate it?

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…we took the scientific approach of twisting all the knobs and reading the manual (while pointing)… Continue reading

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Days 29 & 31 – The final countdown…but the fun continues!

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…and it goes with my little yellow jacket! Continue reading

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Days 25 & 27 – I ate all the pies and only cool babies wear bandanas

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Whoops – the dangers of a fabric with no obvious ‘right’ side. Continue reading

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